Dr. Robert Centor has been studing sore throats and other illnesses for over a decade now.  You can find all his studies and stories at www.medrants.com  He has many posts there on his site about Lemierre's Syndrome. 
If you are wanting to hold a fundraiser in your area and would like some brochures or pamphlets to show who we are or what we do or just explain Lemierre's please contact us @ JERFoundation@yahoo.com.  I would be happy to help point anyone in the direction of holding a successful event.  
Thank you to EVERYONE that came out to our 4th Annual Lemierre's Awareness Day 
@ Busch Stadium and a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone that helped us sell tickets!  
Our 4th Annual Lemierre's Awareness Day 
at Busch Stadium 
is set for Oct 2nd!  Game Time @ 2:15pm  
There are 4 giveaways for this game!
-Six Flags ticket for any Sunday for Kids to Fright Fest
- 2017 tickets to come back and see Cardinals
-2017 season magnet
-Ice Cream, 2 hours prior to game until they run out.  

Sections 267, 268, 269 and 270 
Tickets are $30 each.  For every 5 you sell to others we will give you 1 free!  
If we sell all 500 tickets we will again throw out the first pitch!  Whoever helps up sell them will have a chance to throw out the first pitch in honor of us!
Call, text or email for tickets! 
314-566-4970     JERFoundation@yahoo.com

Get your group together and come enjoy 
a game with us!